Kodali karuppur

A mosaic of wooden blocks, saris printed with those blocks, and Tanjore paintings from the Government Museum in Egmore, Chennai. Photographs: Nathan G/Mint<br />

Royal Legacy: The trial of a textile

5 min read . 05 Nov 2014
A textile loom at the Craft Education and Research Centre, Kalakshetra, Chennai, with P.L. Bhanumoorthy, the chief weaver of the reimagined sari, in the background. Photo: Nathan G/Mint<br />

Revival Attempts: A purist pursuit?

3 min read . 05 Nov 2014
<br />Regal weave: A friend admires Geetha Rao’s (left) Kodali Karuppur sari. Ganesh G.V. / Mint<br />

The sari worth all your lust

5 min read . 05 Aug 2010