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Top U.S. natural gas producer Chesapeake Energy cuts jobs

CHESAPEAKE ENERGY-LAYOFFS/NATURAL GAS (EXCLUSIVE):EXCLUSIVE -Top U.S. natural gas producer Chesapeake Energy cuts jobs

1 min read21 May 2024

Google’s search engine overhaul: AI push to offer quicker and more effective results

Google rolls out AI-generated search summaries to approximately one billion users by the end of the year, showcasing advancements in other AI technologies at its annual developers conference.

1 min read15 May 2024

Google layoffs: Sundar Pichai-run tech giant cuts jobs globally, expands hiring in India and Mexico. Here is why

Google layoffs: Google has laid off around 200 employees from its core team, and the tech giant will now move some positions to India and Mexico.

1 min read2 May 2024

Tesla’s restructuring hits executive bench hailed by Elon Musk

TESLA-MANAGEMENT:Analysis-Tesla’s restructuring hits executive bench hailed by Elon Musk

4 min read2 May 2024

Google fires 20 more over protests, says report. What is Project Nimbus & why are Googlers protesting?

Jane Chung, spokesperson for protest organiser No Tech for Apartheid said that those recently fired included ‘non-participating bystanders’, and that this takes the total number of fired employees to over 50.

3 min read23 Apr 2024

Expat exits: Why foreign-born CEOs don’t last the distance in Indian IT firms

Caught between Indian employees and multicultural clients, expats end up being close to neither, which impacts business

2 min read8 Apr 2024

Stellantis lays off hundreds during mandatory remote work call, reignites discussion among netizens

Stellantis under fire for mandatory remote work layoffs. Automaker called staff for virtual meetings, then fired over 400 in engineering, software, and tech. Critics slam tactic as insensitive, reigniting debate on layoff etiquette.

1 min read26 Mar 2024

Buy or sell: Ruchit Jain of 5paisa recommends buying United Spirits and Wipro stock this week

Buy or sell stocks: Ruchit Jain of 5paisa has recommended two stocks to buy this week - United Spirits Ltd and Wipro Ltd.

4 min read20 Feb 2024

Kerala serious fraud probe has ’broad scope’

The investigation into the affairs of two private firms and a state public sector enterprise is likely to get bigger

2 min read18 Feb 2024

Layoffs in 2024: PayPal cuts 2,500 jobs, UPS to let go of 12,000 employees

Payment platform PayPal is planning to cut around 2,500 jobs while United Parcel Service Inc (UPS) has also announced to let go of 12,000 employees.

2 min read31 Jan 2024
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