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To comply with the Bombay high court order, Nestle India has to start manufacturing of Maggi noodles so that the fresh produce can go through a new round of testing. Photo: Bloomberg<br />

Gujarat, Karnataka lift ban on Maggi

2 min read . 20 Oct 2015
The ban on the sale and manufacture of all nine types of Maggi noodles continues in India. Photo: Bloomberg<br />

Maggi noodles are safe: UK agency

1 min read . 02 Jul 2015
Nestle India is now engaged in one of the biggest recalls in Indian history—withdrawing as much as 25,000 tonnes of Maggi, around 200-300 million packs, from the market. Photo: AFP<br />

Does Nestle India need a local face?

4 min read . 10 Jun 2015
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