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Veranda Learning Solutions stock gains 29% in two sessions; here's why

Veranda Learning Solutions saw its shares surge 29% over the past two trading sessions, driven by strong Q2FY24 results. The company reported a revenue of ₹100.27 crore, up 159% YoY, and narrowed its net loss to ₹1.53 crore.

2 min read16 Nov 2023

Q2 results so far: Total revenue up 15%, bottomline rises 20%

The results are available for 168 BSE-listed companies so far.

1 min read22 Oct 2023

The Battle for Internet Search | Mint Explains | Mint

The video discusses the emergence of chatbots powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and their potential impact on the internet search industry, which has been dominated by Google for over two decades. It highlights the fact that ChatGPT, made by OpenAI, is the leading chatbot in the field, and it can write essays, explain complex concepts, summarize text, and answer trivia questions. Microsoft and Google are developing their chatbots, and Baidu is releasing its chatbot called Ernie in March. However, chatbots face several challenges, such as bias, prejudice, and misinformation, and they must tread carefully around sensitive topics. Chatbots can make money by selling premium versions, showing ads, or charging advertisers for the ability to influence the answers provided. The video raises questions about censorship, objectivity, and the nature of truth and whether chatbots are competitors to search engines or complements to them.

31 Jul 2023

Is Threads Really A Threat To Twitter? Musk Vs Zuckerburg Wars I Detangled With Mint

With all the hype around Threads, MINT tries to understand whether the platform is actually a threat to twitter? Content moderation and alignment is not an easy game for any social media company including Meta. Experts feel that the game is on with the launch of new platforms like twitter, and this would be interesting space to watch on a daily basis.

19 Jul 2023

India's AI Aspirations: Catching Up with the Global Market | Mint Explains | Mint

India is gearing up to host the G20 leaders' summit later this year. It presents a fantastic opportunity for the country to showcase its capabilities in information technology and the digital economy. The most advanced weapons of the future will not be bombs or missiles, but AI-powered applications and devices. #g20summit #artificialintelligence #ai #digitaleconomy #mint Click here to download the Mint App https://livemint.onelink.me/MrDS/p0kx3pdg

23 Jun 2023

Is ChatGPT the future? | Mint Explains | Mint

According to an article by Forbes, by the year 2035, humanoid robots will be a part of everyday life. People have already started debating if robots and AI will become so powerful that they will be more capable than humans

7 Feb 2023

Cyberattacks target e-learning

Cybersecurity firm Barracuda Networks found over 1,000 spear-phishing attacks targeting educational institutions in India between July and September

2 min read6 Nov 2020

Google search now lets you hum to it when you forget a song

The machine learning algorithm gives you a list of songs that match your tuneThis feature is available on Android and iOS

1 min read16 Oct 2020

Factories banking on digital push to get over covid blues

Integration of robotics, AI, cloud computing and big data key for transforming biz: experts

2 min read2 Oct 2020

Edtech in ₹500-cr ad blitz to drive adoption

Around 12 brands spent over ₹200 crore in the first half of the year, with Byju’s leading the marketing frenzy

3 min read25 Sep 2020
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