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File photo. The lawmaking process and capacity in India is under strain due to the dynamics of the economy and society. Photo: PTI

Making laws with sunset clauses

5 min read . 03 Jan 2018
Few had foreseen man in space, let alone that space would be something nations would compete over. Photo: Reuters

Fifty years of shared space

8 min read . 09 Dec 2017
Donald Trump understands that a strong economy is in his interest. He has tried to lay claim to market rallies and jobs growth and refrained from taking steps that could lead to a downturn. Photo: Reuters

Debt ceiling worries are overblown

4 min read . 10 Aug 2017
India runs the danger of being the world’s most vibrant democracy with the world’s least effective, and perhaps most dormant, Parliament. Photo: Bloomberg
The pending GST bills, to be tabled as money bills, are expected to sail through Parliament; the Rajya Sabha, where the NDA is in a minority, cannot reject a money bill. Photo: Pradeep Gaur/Mint

GST legislation enters the final lap

2 min read . 27 Mar 2017
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