On the statue vandalism issue

On the statue vandalism issue

1 min read . 09 Mar 2018
A statue of Vladimir Lenin vandalized in Belonia, Tripura. Photo: PTI

Attack on history

1 min read . 07 Mar 2018
Vladimir Lenin created the Supreme Economic Council, which brought firms, banks, foreign trade, and labour committees to run firms, etc., all under state control. Photo: AFP
As the world evolves from the industrial age to an information age and more workers become freelancers, the very nature of a ‘soviet’ has become obsolete. Photo: AFP

Bolshevism: A hundred years on

4 min read . 13 Nov 2017
There are many theories why the Russian Revolution of November 1917 went so badly wrong, including the Menshevik notion that Russia was too underdeveloped for a socialist revolution. Photo: Bloomberg