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Photo: iStock

Mental models from graveyards

6 min read . 24 Feb 2018
Children teach us the efficacy of simplicity in the design of our lives. Photo: Natasha Badhwar

The art of being simple

4 min read . 13 May 2017
Photo: Next TwentyEight

It’s tough to be a man

11 min read . 25 Dec 2016
Companies promote their least-able people to limit the harm they can cause. Photo: iStockphoto<br />

The quirky guide to office rules

4 min read . 22 Feb 2016
R. Gopalakrishnan. Photo: Abhijit Bhatlekar/Mint<br />

How to find your ‘shape’

5 min read . 20 Dec 2015
Everybody is too focused on the destination, on those sheets of paper, pieces of metal, hollow designations and the concrete boxes we live in. Photo courtesy Priyanka Oberoi<br />

Life lessons on winning from losing

4 min read . 22 Sep 2015
As the terrace garden grows, will the ivy climb the wall? Photo: Samara Unger<br />

Creating a green place

4 min read . 12 Jun 2015
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