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Lisa Ray’s house in Bandra West is one of the many places she calls home.

Life hugger

4 min read . 11 May 2019
Jazz is one of Lisa Ray's long-standing loves and her collection of records includes a bunch of old classics she has inherited from her father.

Lisa Ray 2.0: The making of a writer

12 min read . 11 May 2019
Sandeep Bharadwaj portrays Veerappan in the film, as he did in the original Kannada film, Killing Veerappan.<br />

Film Review: Veerappan

1 min read . 27 May 2016
<br />New horizons: Ray’s last film, Cooking with Stella, opened at the Toronto International Film Festival in September. Satish Bate / Hindustan Times <br />

First Person | The yellow diaries

8 min read . 06 Nov 2009
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