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As farmers lost interest, the area under the flagship crop insurance scheme fell 17% in the two years to kharif 2018. (Photo: Hindustan Times)

Crop insurance flaws fuel farm distress

10 min read . 19 Nov 2019
It is important to have a strong technical secretariat comprising administrators, economists, accountants and lawyers to advise the GST Council.

What the new GST should look like

9 min read . 19 Nov 2019
Through the 1990s, India steadily ceded ground to neighbouring China, which emerged as a global export powerhouse of labour-intensive products (Jayachandran /Mint)
Avantha Group’s Gautam Thapar (left) and KKR India’s Sanjay Nayar.

How Thapar vs KKR blew up in CG Power

11 min read . 15 Nov 2019
Critics claim downsides from the deal are geopolitical in that it dents India’s credibility with Asean members who, fearing Chinese domination, were standing by for New Delhi’s grand entry to rescue them. (Photo: Reuters)

The art of walking away from a deal

9 min read . 07 Nov 2019
A comparison of key economic indicators shows that the slowdown in India has only worsened in the last couple of months, and now appears well and truly in place (Jayachandran/Mint)

Why the slowdown is in the mind

9 min read . 06 Nov 2019
Ad-hoc means of redressing passenger concerns is not in keeping with India’s ambitions on the aviation front (Photo: iStock)
In India, where millions have only in the past decade clambered onto the bottom rungs of the consumption ladder, buying more than food and basic clothing, the trend to cut back on replacing innerwear is troubling. (Photo: Pradeep Gaur/Mint)
Bollywood’s moment of #MeToo reckoning covered a whole gamut (iStock)

Life in Bollywood a year after #MeToo

10 min read . 30 Oct 2019
Startups in deep tech and AI will require focused attention and mentorship from the industry, academia, and the government.  (Photo: iStock)

Why India needs deep tech startups

10 min read . 28 Oct 2019
With the BJP falling way short of the majority mark on its own in Maharashtra, Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis has a belligerent ally and a resurgent opposition waiting for him.