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Meet The Made-In-India Menswear Brand That Makes The World’s Best Shirts | Luxury Lounge Episode 4

100Hands is a made-in-India luxury shirt brand which is rated among the world’s best. While the company is based in Amsterdam, the shirts are made in Amritsar. Watch Luxury Longue to know the story of 100Hands and how founders Akshat and Varvara Jain broke the glass ceiling!

29 Apr 2024

Special Made-In-India Spacewatches Or Time-Tested Swiss Ones: What Will Gaganyaan Astronauts Wear?

Which watch will our Gaganyaan astronauts wear? Watches that have conquered extremes have always attracted great curiosity. The first watch that was worn in space by Yuri Gagarin, was made in Russia. A watch qualified to be worn in space has to withstand HUGE fluctuations in temperature and pressure. So, will team Gaganyaan wear a special watch, made in India just for them? Or will they go for a time-tested spacewatch? ’Watch’ to know more!

4 Apr 2024

How Indian Single Malts Conquered The World | Luxury Lounge Episode 1

In 2023, Indian single malt sales overtook multinational giants for the first time. But the story of Indian single malts began in 2004, when Amrut launched its single malt whisky in the UK. Back then, Indian single malts were considered cheap & harsh - and didn’t have many takers. But this all changed in 2009, with the launch of one particular product. This changed the fate of Indian single malts. Watch the full episode of Luxury Lounge here to know which one!

26 Mar 2024

Amit Gupta of Yulu is riding the change

The founder and CEO of mobility startup Yulu tells Mint he is optimistic about the future of shared electric mobility in the post-covid world

8 min read6 Jun 2020

Raghunandan Kamath: The ice cream man

The founder of Naturals talks about building India’s most successful artisanal ice-cream brand, and how he did it while battling diabetes

9 min read29 Nov 2019

Vishal Gondal: The game is afoot

The founder of GOQii talks to Mint about gaming healthcare, empowering the consumer with data, investing smartly and getting that headstand rightGondal says early stage investing is like talent scouting—90% of the onus is on the team building the business, 10% is on the idea

7 min read18 Oct 2019

Lounge Review | Borderlands 3: A day in the life of a ‘vault hunter’

’Borderlands 3’ offers a bigger world, intuitive gameplay and plenty of mayhemThe sequel manages to stick to its roots and yet offers the quality gameplay one expects from a modern-day first-person shooter

2 min read12 Oct 2019

Alok Ohrie: It’s all in the tech

The president and managing director of Dell Technologies India tells ’Mint’ about his fascination for technology, growing up in a small town, and tech evolutions that excite him

7 min read4 Oct 2019

Ankit Kawatra: Hungry for change

Feeding India’s founder talks to Mint about eradicating hunger, joining hands with Zomato, and becoming a licensed skydiverKawatra started the non-profit in 2014 to tackle the problems of hunger, malnutrition and food waste in India

8 min read27 Sep 2019

Harsh Goenka: The creative leader

The chairman of RPG Enterprises opens up to Mint about his left-leaning youth, his social media handles, and the need for happiness at the workplace’We don’t want to be the largest group in the country—that’s a by-product—but we want to make it the most exciting place to work,’ says Goenka

7 min read16 Aug 2019
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