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When royalty met Rolls-Royce: Indian maharajas’ love affair with luxury

Indian maharajas transformed luxury into an art form, captivating the world’s premier brands with their indulgences. Their influence not only shaped global luxury markets but also left a lasting cultural imprint that resonates to this day.

3 min read1 Jun 2024

Why a shabby luxury brand is hard to fix

Slowing sales and LVMH’s growing clout are a tough backdrop for turnarounds at brands such as Gucci and Burberry

4 min read24 May 2024

Luxury hotels are having a glorious moment

Rich travellers mean rich returns for investors

3 min read24 May 2024

Raja Ravi Varma’s ₹20-cr ‘Mohini’ steals the show at Pundole’s auction

The past year has been one of the best for Indian art pieces, with over a dozen works selling at multi-crore price tags. At the auction, an artwork by Sayed Haider Raza ‘Bindu Peace’ sold for ₹4.6 crore, against the pre-auction estimate of ₹1.5-2.5 crore.

3 min read27 Apr 2024

Luxury revolution sweeping India: What’s fueling the shift in consumer preferences?

India’s luxury market is thriving, with a significant increase in demand for high-end products driven by the middle class and ultra-wealthy individuals. There has been a sharp growth in ultra-premium shopping malls across the country in recent years.

7 min read1 Apr 2024

What India’s super-rich are spending on

Nearly twice as many Indians with a net worth of more than $30 million invested in property and luxury collectibles last year, including wine and rare whisky

2 min read28 Feb 2024

Why Louis Vuitton and Dior can’t bring their shoes to India

In order to import footwear, these global brands may have to meet Indian standards in their European factories

3 min read11 Feb 2024

‘Quiet Luxury’ Finds a Loud Debate

The stealth-wealth fashion trend that propelled $1,500 sweaters and cashmere ball caps meets some fatigue among buyers

5 min read20 Jun 2023

The Hottest New Home Amenity? ‘It’s Brutal.’

Homeowners are spending tens of thousands of dollars to outfit their properties with cold plunges

7 min read1 Jun 2023

The night before

Fashion, film and white lilies at Manish Malhotra’s party for the luxury conference speakers and team

1 min read2 Apr 2016
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