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The judgement in the Mahmood Farooqui case has made several observations that are bound to have ramifications in cases of rape pending before the courts. Photo: HT

A troubling precedent for rape cases

4 min read . 02 Oct 2017
Photo: Hindustan Times<br />

Reporting rape

4 min read . 08 Aug 2016
Rakshanda Jalil.<br />

Conversations in and about Urdu

1 min read . 19 Sep 2014
<br />Pop reads: Delhi’s history and Bollywood.<br />

The untold Delhi

2 min read . 20 Aug 2010
<br />Content-driven: Clever writing and convincing acting make this satire on rural India, and how the world outside views it, a must-watch.<br />

India in black humour

3 min read . 13 Aug 2010
<br />Showmen: Danish Husain (left) and Naseeruddin Shah in New York. Kamran A Hashmi <br />

The forgotten storytellers

2 min read . 31 Jul 2009
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