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Boeing’s latest trouble is a jet part caught up in Russia sanctions

The plane maker can’t deliver enough 787 Dreamliners after sanctions disrupted production of heat exchangers.

3 min read3 May 2024

Value of mobile device production in India for domestic sales and exports surges to $4.1 lakh crore in FY24, says report

The production value for the domestic market is expected to have grown by 11 percent, from ₹2.6 lakh crore in FY23 to ₹2.9 lakh crore in FY24.

1 min read3 Apr 2024

Modi’s Big Bet on Musk in India Might Just Work

The government is a believer in the transformative potential of a single large  investor. It was a success with Apple and TSMC, and it may well be with Tesla, too.

4 min read25 Mar 2024
Auto News

India wants to be world’s car factory. A plan is in the works

The Union ministry of heavy industries is set to work on a long-term playbook to develop India as a global automobile manufacturing hub

4 min read20 Mar 2024

VC Firm Eclipse Lures Another Rivian Alum in Push to Modernize US Industry

Silicon Valley investment firm Eclipse has hired another high-profile Rivian Automotive Inc. alumnus, building up its expertise to invest in modernizing industries including manufacturing and transportation.

1 min read2 Mar 2024

Whirlpool, Maker of Big Home Appliances, Focuses On Its Small Ones

The company is pinning its hopes on espresso machines, stand mixers and other high-margin small appliances as it slashes costs and transforms itself, CFO says.

4 min read1 Mar 2024

Australia to Spend Billions of Dollars on Shipbuilding to Overhaul Its Navy

Australia will spend billions more dollars over the next decade to expand its surface fleet to its largest size since World War II.

3 min read20 Feb 2024

Sel Manufacturing Company Q3 FY24 Results Live: Loss Falls by 38.21% YoY

Sel Manufacturing Company Q3 FY24 Results Live: Revenue decreased by 91.72% YoY & loss decreased by 38.21% YoY

1 min read16 Feb 2024

Why Defense Contractors Are Saying No to Their Biggest Customer: The Pentagon

Global conflicts have driven record orders for Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin and RTX, but they are passing on some big deals.

5 min read30 Jan 2024
Special Report

Short on Shells, Ukraine Relies on Explosive Drones to Hold Russia Back

Kyiv’s soldiers are improvising with fast and relatively cheap devices that are making a difference on the front line—at least for now.

5 min read8 Jan 2024
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