Marryam h reshi

<br /> Bengali staple: Doi machh can be categorized as a white curry. Indranil Bhoumik / Mint <br />

The white and red divide

3 min read . 13 Nov 2009
<br /> Red hot: The fiery colour is characteristic of this spicy mutton dish. Abhijit Bhatlekar / Mint <br />

The right spice mix

3 min read . 30 Oct 2009
<br /> Break fast: A Mumbai street during Ramzan. Hindustan Times <br />

An iftaar to remember

3 min read . 18 Sep 2009
<br /> Bean there: Rajma in J&amp;amp;K is different from the Punjabi version. <br />

The road to Kashmir

3 min read . 04 Sep 2009
 Meal-on-the-go: Buss-Up-Shut has different curry fillings. Photo: Manu Mohindra  (Manu Mohindra)

Offshore experiments

4 min read . 21 Aug 2009
<br />Gone nutty: Wild almond kebabs at Zest in New Delhi.<br />

The call of the wild

2 min read . 07 Aug 2009
<br /> Browning glory: This brain stir fry is flavoured with fried onions.  Raj Sekhar<br />

Pate, Chettinad style

3 min read . 27 Jun 2009
<br />Enhancer: Lichen or kalpasi adds that elusive edge to spice mixes<br />

Spice it with mystery

2 min read . 12 Jun 2009
 Sour power: Tomato is one of the souring agents used across India.  (Tomato is one of the souring agents used across India.)

Why sour is so sweet

2 min read . 29 May 2009
<br />Prelude: Preparation for a traditional Kashmiri wazwan. Aditya Swami / Indiapicture <br />

Wah, Wazwan

3 min read . 08 May 2009
<br />Cross culture: Pieces of bread stir fried with slices of meat is a dish in Kashmir as well as Xinjiang. Chef Li Peng, Vasant Continental<br />

Finding the valley in Xinjiang

2 min read . 24 Apr 2009
<br />Chef’s special: (top) Begum Kulsum; and her gajar ka halwa made painstakingly with steaming whole carrots slit lengthwise. Ramesh Pathania / Mint<br />

One for the road

2 min read . 17 Apr 2009
<br />Spice it up: Chocolate, celery and clove have all been consumed to improve sex drive.<br />

Food of passion

2 min read . 13 Feb 2009
<br />Local favourites: Madua ki roti, pahadi nimbu and Kumaoni spices. Photo: Marryam H. Reshi<br />

Kumaon comfort

3 min read . 09 Jan 2009