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Simmonds Marshall Q3 FY24 results : profit at ₹1.56Cr, Revenue increased by 11.07% YoY

Simmonds Marshall Q3 FY24 results : Revenue increased by 11.07% YoY & profit at ₹1.56Cr

1 min read15 Feb 2024

Circuit to circuit multibagger penny stock hits upper circuit on seventh day in a row

Multibagger penny stock has been touching the upper circuit since 29th December 2023

1 min read8 Jan 2024

Space on a Budget: ISRO Compared to NASA's Billion-Dollar Venture

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4 Apr 2023

Space on a Budget: ISRO Thrifty Mission Compared to NASA Billion-Dollar Venture

The video ideally compares the cost of space exploration between NASA and ISRO

4 Mar 2023

Mars rover drops rock sample on Red planet: Why is NASA excited about it?

The Perseverance rover said in a tweet that if studied closely, the sample could tell the history of the area. The sample could also help scientists put a specific age on the surface of Mars

2 min read23 Jan 2023

May be the last image I can send: NASA's Insight rover says it is signing off from Mars

NASA's InSight rover made the first-ever detection of quakes on the Red Planet. Its onboard seismometer has measured over 1,300 seismic events, and over 50 of them had clear enough signals for the team to derive information about their location on Mars

2 min read20 Dec 2022

Mars to be opposite, closest to Sun on October 13

Earth will be situated directly between Mars and the SunAs a result, Mars will rise as the Sun sets and sets as the Sun rises, according to Sky & Telescope

1 min read8 Oct 2020

Here’s how it feels to experience the Mars life on Earth

Kate Greene’s new book throws light on Mars ‘analog missions’ — and how scientists are trying to solve problems to design safe missions to the red planet

4 min read31 Jul 2020

NASA set to launch robotic rover to seek signs of past Martian life

Launching atop an Atlas 5 rocket from the Boeing-Lockheed joint venture United Launch Alliance, the car-sized Perseverance rover is expected to reach Mars next FebruaryThe rover will attempt for the first time to bring Martian rock samples back to Earth, collecting materials in cigar-sized capsules

2 min read30 Jul 2020

China launches Mars probe in space race with US

The Chinese mission is named Tianwen-1 ('Questions to Heaven') -- a nod to a classical poem that has verses about the cosmosThe five-tonne Tianwen-1 is expected to arrive in February 2021 after a seven-month, 55-million-kilometre (34-million-mile) voyage

3 min read23 Jul 2020
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