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Budget 2024: Why Is The Union Budget Important & What Is In It For You & Me?

While everyone's eyes are now on Budget 2024, which will be presented by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman ahead of the key elections, let's get back to some basics. Why exactly is the union budget important for you and me, and what do budget documents really deal with? Watch

16 Jan 2024

Dos and Don'ts of Personal Loans | My Money Matters

Personal loans can be a useful financial tool for many people, but it is important to use them wisely. Here are some dos and don'ts to keep in mind when considering a personal loan.

26 Mar 2023

What is an Annuity Plan | My Money Matters

Lets take a look at - what is an annuity plan and how does it works

26 Mar 2023

Health Insurance Terms | My Money Matters | Mint

Health insurance policies come with different terms and conditions, which can be confusing for policyholders. Two important terms that people often confuse are deductibles and co-payments. A deductible is an amount that policyholders need to pay out of their own pockets before their insurance company starts covering the costs. A co-payment, on the other hand, is a fixed percentage of the medical expenses that policyholders need to pay even after their insurance company starts covering the costs. For example, if a policy has a co-payment clause of 10%, the policyholder will have to pay 10% of the medical expenses, while the insurance company will cover the rest.

7 Feb 2023

Property Insurance Plans | My Money Matters

Among all types of insurance plans available today, one of the least-known plans is property insurance. Here's all you need to know about property insurance: 1- Homeowner's insurance, as its name implies, shields owners of residential properties from suffering financial damages in the event of any unfavourable incidence. 2- Commercial property insurance including offices, warehouses, retail stores, eateries, and factories are covered by this category of property insurance 3- Renter's property insurance 4- Fire Insurance.

30 Jan 2023

How To Reduce Travel Cost | My Money Matters

Adopting certain tricks while using your credit cards can also help you cut down on your travel costs. Let's check at 4 such tricks. 1- Check for offers and discounts 2- Opt for a co-branded credit card 3- Gaining reward points 4- Dining and recreation at airport lounges.

29 Jan 2023

How to make 1 crore by investing 10,000 per month | My Money Matters

You can earn one crore rupees by investing just ₹10,000 per month in equities. You may be wondering how? The 10*20*12 rule is the answer. Personal finance analysts are recommending the 10*20*12 formula. This entails investing ₹10,000 every month at 12 percent returns for 20 years.

21 Jan 2023

Systematic Withdrawal Plan | My Money Matters

Do you wish to withdraw money periodically from your SIP? Then the systematic withdrawal plan can help you. Let's know more about this in this video.

18 Jan 2023

Auto Expo 2023: Matter unveils its EXE and UT concept EV vehicles

The Matter Concept EXE gets the swap technology and a manual gearbox which will provide full control of the power delivery. The manufacturer calls it a cost-effective motorbike which will push the boundaries of the two-wheeler EV segment further. Meanwhile, the Concept UT electric vehicle has been created keeping in mind the service provider section which delivers food and other services to consumers.

1 min read12 Jan 2023

Why You Should Take Maternity Insurance #maternityinsurance #insurancepolicy #shorts #mymoneymatters

In 2017, about 2,95,000 women died during and following pregnancy and childbirth. While as per data from 2015-17 in India 122 maternal deaths per 1 lakh births. Many of these lives could have been saved if these mothers had the financial assistance to manage the cost of giving birth. That is where maternity insurance comes into the picture. #maternityinsurance #insurancepolicy #maternity #maternaldeaths #investments #healthinsurance #insurance #mymoneymatters #mint Subscribe Now For Latest Updates-

12 Jan 2023
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The Union Budget contains details about the estimated receipts and the expenditure of the government for a particular fiscal year. The Budget is allotted for the upcoming fiscal year, which runs from 1st April to 31st March of the next year. Here is a quick guide on how the Union Budget is prepared

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