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KFC Malaysia Shutdown: Why fried chicken has become ‘collateral damage’ amid global McDonalds and Starbucks boycott

KFC Malaysia closed multiple outlets amidst economic challenges linked to Israel-Palestine boycotts. Reports reveal that over 100 out of the 600 stores in the country have been affected.

6 min read30 Apr 2024

McDonald’s and Theobroma outlets in Noida sectors under FDA scanner after burger-fries make customer sick

A McDonald’s outlet in Noida sector 18 and Theobroma bakery in Noida sector 104 were raided for food samples. Results are expected within a month, as per officials.

1 min read30 Apr 2024

All smiles at McDonald’s as Maharashtra outlets can say ‘cheese’ again

In the December quarter, the Maharashtra’s FDA suspended the licence of a McDonald’s outlet in Ahmednagar over claims that its McCheese burger violated local food standards. This prompted the company to remove the word ‘cheese’ from several items on its menu in the state.

2 min read5 Mar 2024

McDonald’s Q3 results: Revenue jumps 14% at $6.69 billion

McDonald’s says global same-store sales rose 8.8% in the July-September period

1 min read30 Oct 2023

War fries: McDonald’s Israel and Middle-East outlets clash over supporting Palestinian ‘brothers and sisters in Gaza’

McDonald’s outlets in Qatar, Oman, UAE and Saudi Arabia have supported Palestine with financial relief, posing a stark contrast in stance against that of McDonald’s Israel, which is extending support for Israeli soldiers fighting Hamas.

1 min read16 Oct 2023

Westlife Foodworld Q1 Results: McDonald’s India franchisee reports net profit at ₹288 crore, declares dividend

Westlife Foodworld Q1 Results: The franchisee of the US fast-food chain reported a rise of 22 per cent in net profit at ₹288 crore in the June quarter

3 min read27 Jul 2023

McDonald’s Says Higher Prices Aren’t Scaring Off Diners as Sales Climb

Chain reports 63% jump in quarterly net income, $180 million charge related to layoffs and office closures

1 min read25 Apr 2023

McDonald’s Temporarily Shuts U.S. Offices as Chain Prepares for Layoff Notices

Fast-food company expected to notify workers of their job status virtually

2 min read3 Apr 2023

McDonald’s temporarily shuts US offices - here’s why

McDonald’s Corp has asked employees to cancel all in-person meetings with vendors and other outside parties at its headquarters.

1 min read3 Apr 2023

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