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Brigade Road, Bengaluru. Photo: Hemant Mishra/Mint

The highway ban

4 min read . 05 Jul 2017
There is a large tiled snakes-and-ladders game that the public can play on. Photos: Aniruddha Chowdhury/Mint<br />

Boulevard redux

1 min read . 09 May 2013
<br />Visitors at the museum’s main hall<br />

The builder gets a house

2 min read . 22 Apr 2011
<br />While the quaint, smaller stores have died a quick death because of the Metro construction, glitzy landmarks, such as the Joyalukkas jewellery store, have come up to make the most of being along a Met<br />

Fast-Track Bangalore

3 min read . 18 Feb 2011
<br />Sampler: Rainbow pride colours on a tee; pick from 12 flavours for your popcorn; and try a bread bowl for lunch.<br />

Lounge reviews

4 min read . 18 Dec 2009
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