Middle east

A shop in Souq Waqif. Photo: Neeta Lal

A bird in hand

5 min read . 19 Jan 2019
‘Bazzar’, a tailor-made show for the Indian audience. Photo: Lakmé fashion week

‘Bazzar’ is here

1 min read . 04 Nov 2018
The main ingredients of hummus are chickpeas and tahini. Photo: iStock

Make hummus, not war

6 min read . 01 Oct 2018
A traditional Bahraini breakfast at Darseen Café, Bahrain National Museum. Photo: Alamy

Bread and breakfast in Bahrain

5 min read . 07 Jul 2018
After years of lower crude prices, and realisation that the oil will run out one day, Gulf rulers are seeking to repair public finances. Photo: Bloomberg

A ghost army that haunts Gulf rulers

5 min read . 21 Jun 2018