Jahnavi Pai with her spinning wheel. Photo: Jithendra M/Mint

Meet the new urban minimalists

14 min read . 05 Jan 2019
Models of the Renault Twizy at the Regent Street Motor Show in London in 2017. Photo: AFP

Turn right for minimalist cars

7 min read . 16 Nov 2018
Sabyasachi Mukherjee’s Mumbai store.<br />
A dress from Rimzim Dadu’s Spring/Summer 2014 collection, for which she used deconstructed chiffon strips, twisted and turned into fine cords. Photo: Dwaipayan Mazumdar<br />

Japanese interventions

8 min read . 07 Feb 2015
Rahul and Shruti Reddy at their Nana store in Delhi’s Hauz Khas Village. Photo: Priyanka Parashar/Mint.<br />

Nanoblocking the runway

1 min read . 08 Feb 2013
<br />Rising sun: (Clockwise from top/left) Tokyo at night; the colours of autumn at the Sensoji temple; the group near Kawaguchiko and the bamboo forest near Kyoto<br />

Stranger than fiction

4 min read . 17 Dec 2010
<br /><br />

The seeing body

3 min read . 23 Sep 2009
<br />Buzzwords: Is this room minimalist or luxury?<br />

Luxury has become a hollow term

1 min read . 06 Sep 2008
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