Mint Digital Innovation Summit 2019 News

Mint Digital Innovation Summit 2019

Digital projected to grab a lion’s share of the ad pie

Advertisers are likely to push the boundaries on digital with innovations

3 min read21 Jul 2021

A road map for digital banking and fintech

One inexorable change does present both a challenge and an opportunity: the growing role of digital banking and fintech ;The digital economy is disrupting all traditional industries and creating new possibilities

1 min read17 Mar 2019

Watch: Mint Digital Innovation Summit 2019

C-level and senior executives debate and discuss digital life, cutting edge technologies–machine learning, deep learning, computer vision and a suite of other artificial intelligence technologies–virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality, smart cities, connected health and much more. ; ;

15 Mar 2019

Mint Digital Innovation Summit 2019 - An Overview

Meet the minds that are driving the next generation of technological breakthroughs and changing the world

2 min read15 Mar 2019

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The Union Budget contains details about the estimated receipts and the expenditure of the government for a particular fiscal year. The Budget is allotted for the upcoming fiscal year, which runs from 1st April to 31st March of the next year. Here is a quick guide on how the Union Budget is prepared

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Ever since Byju Raveendran founded the eponymous edtech company in 2011, Byju's has been the subject of much discussion. The Indian education sector seemed ripe for disruption, and by 2019, the company was an investor favourite. The onset of the pandemic brought the real riches for Byju's: with kids attending school through their laptops, phones, and tablets, Byju's was immediately seen as being at the forefront of facilitating this institutional method of learning — all the way to a $22 billion valuation.  But with the accolades, came the woes. As Covid-19 slipped into the rear-view mirror, ugly stories about the edtech's policies came to light. Impossible targets, poor management, and a slew of senior-level exits dominated the headlines. Finally, came the last straw — investors and regulators started asking the tough questions about the company failing to comply with statutory requirements. Growth, it seemed, had come at the cost of governance, like in so many messy startups.  Here’s a curation of original reportage and analysis about Byjus, once India’s most valuable startup.

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