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Mint Explainer: Why India’s net FDI is at its lowest level since 2007

Increased repatriation by foreign investors caused net foreign direct investment to drop to $10.6 billion in 2023-24 from $28 billion the previous year. While the government blames the global economic slowdown, experts say it needs to do much more on the policy front to attract greater investments.

4 min read29 May 2024

Mint Explainer: Significant beneficial owners and what the govt wants to know

The government has penalized Microsoft-owned LinkedIn for failing to disclose significant beneficial ownersLaws mandate companies to identify significant beneficial owners to enhance transparency

4 min read29 May 2024

Mint Explainer: Why all eyes are on this market indicator ahead of poll results

The put-call ratio, a key measure of market sentiment, suggests a bullish outlook on the results of the general election

3 min read28 May 2024

Why continuation funds are the new favourites in investor arsenals

India Quotient and Multiples PE are exploring continuation funds to retain stakes in successful portfolio companiesThis strategy offers predictable returns and mitigates early investment risks

5 min read27 May 2024

Mint Explainer: What does the RBI’s record dividend payout to the government mean?

The higher-than-expected transfer is expected to shore up the government’s non-tax revenues and help lower the fiscal deficit.

3 min read24 May 2024

Mint Explainer: How Sebi wants to prevent insider trading violations

Sebi has laid out a framework for calculating an unaffected share price for transactions on the stock exchanges if there is a material price movement due to rumours, and if such rumours are confirmed by a listed company within 24 hours

4 min read23 May 2024

Mint Explainer: What are ESG rating providers and why should investors care?

Sebi’s decision to regulate entities that provide environmental, social and governance ratings last year should make these ratings more consistent, comparable and transparent, and thus increase investors’ confidence in them.

3 min read22 May 2024

Mint Explainer: The mystery behind India’s flourishing trade with China

India’s imports from China crossed the $100-billion mark in 2023-24 despite measures to lower dependence on the northern neighbour and boycott calls by sections of trade

3 min read16 May 2024

Mint Explainer: Why the national election is making the stock market swing wildly

The extreme swings in the benchmark Nifty and Sensex indices currently have much to do with the ongoing national election. Mint explains the market moves behind the volatility

4 min read14 May 2024

Mint Explainer: How will Tesla’s first lawsuit in India affect trademark disputes in the EV sector?

Earlier this month the EV maker sued Tesla Power India Pvt Ltd, a battery maker in Gurugram, for trademark infringement. The case will reveal how well Indian IP law protects foreign companies and could set a precedent for future trademark-infringement cases in India’s growing EV market.

5 min read14 May 2024
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