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Painting Raja Ravi Varma in Jamdani

Designer Gaurang Shah is weaving Raja Ravi Varma's iconic works on saris for an exhibition in October

2 min read19 Jan 2019

How to find that lost phone

"Find my phone" apps are designed to track a lost device and even wipe out a phone’s content to prevent sensitive information from falling in wrong handsFind my Device by Google, Find my iPhone by Apple and Prey are some apps that can help you find your phone or delete and encrypt sensitive information remotely

2 min read19 Jan 2019

A bird in hand

The Qatari capital city of Doha is home to a medieval falcon souk that keeps the age-old tradition of falconry alive

5 min read19 Jan 2019

Uzbekistan’s bread winners

The 'naan', Uzbekistan's 'non', is part of folklore and sociocultural life

3 min read19 Jan 2019

Festival fever

Kolkata Literary Meet 2019 disrupts the familiar format of lit fests

1 min read19 Jan 2019

The incredible rise of a soul singer, in redux

Soul music, a form that originated in the African-American community, melds jazz, blues, and R&B, and is often described as one of the most intimate, emotional, and heartfelt genres of contemporary musical styles. Those phrases don't even begin to describe the way Bradley sang soul.

4 min read19 Jan 2019

A loin loom makeover

A loin loom festival in Nagaland aims to sustain indigenous craft traditions with intellectual property laws, and by training a new generation of women artisans

4 min read19 Jan 2019

Mukesh Ambani vs Jeff Bezos set to begin from Gujarat

Reliance e-commerce will be first rolled out to 1.2 million retailers in GujaratThis will pose a challenge to Flipkart, Amazon and Paytm Mall

2 min read20 Jan 2019

Marco Pierre White: ‘Chefs are not geniuses or artists, they are just workers’

British chef Marco Pierr White on changing face of modern fine dining and importance of making food more affordable and accessible to allWhite is on his maiden trip to India to judge the fourth edition of ‘World On A Plate’ culinary festival

8 min read20 Jan 2019

India is at par with China in space race: Isro’s K. Sivan

With Chandrayaan-2, India will reach the lunar south pole, which has never been explored, Isro chairman K. Sivan said. The comment comes just days after China's rover made its touchdown on the far side of the moon.

2 min read19 Jan 2019
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