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Kay Kay Menon (left) and Naseeruddin Shah in Feroz Abbas Khan’s play Mahatma v/s Gandhi (1998). Photo: Courtesy Feroz Abbas Khan<br />

Gandhi: a stage favourite

6 min read . 20 Aug 2016
Photo: Getty Images<br />

Mahatma Gandhi’s homecoming

1 min read . 09 Jan 2015
Mahatma would probably have mixed thoughts about the Indian Republic. Presumably, he would take heart from the fact that the idea of India was very much alive, though the ideas of Mahatma had lost so much currency.<br />

Remembering the Mahatma in 2014

4 min read . 06 Oct 2014
BJP leader Narendra Modi. Photo: Mint<br />

Yet another slip up by Narendra Modi

1 min read . 20 Nov 2013
Statue of Mahatma Gandhi at Spice Mall, Noida<br /> (Statue of Mahatma Gandhi at Spice Mall, Noida)

Gandhi in the mall

3 min read . 03 Oct 2013
<br />Illustration: Jayachandran / Mint <br />

Sixty-one years after Gandhi

1 min read . 30 Jan 2009
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