Mortality rate

Manas Chakravarty. Between 2009 and 2013, India’s HDI increased from 0.512 to 0.586. That’s a jump of 14.5%. Photo: Charlotte Anderson.

The messages from India’s HDI score

2 min read . 18 Sep 2018
A ‘Lancet’ study shows that the annual rate at which child mortality declined over 2005-15 was much quicker than the comparable number in 2000-05. Photo: Priyanka Parashar/Mint

Closing the gap

1 min read . 01 Oct 2017
File photo. The trial vaccine against typhoid is aimed at children under two, who are disproportionately affected. It may prevent more than half of all typhoid infections, says a report.  Photo: Jayanta Dey/Reuters
Photo: AFP

Uttar Pradesh’s child death crisis

4 min read . 29 Aug 2017
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