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On fixing India’s cultural spaces

4 min read . 24 Mar 2018
A user scanning Nathaniel Rackowe’s ‘Black Shed Expanded’. Photo: Smartify

Smartify: Art in your pocket

2 min read . 20 Oct 2017
London Eye, London. Photo: iStockphoto

Beat the queue

1 min read . 01 Sep 2017
Photo: Pankti Mehta Kadakia<br />

Wax but not in vain

7 min read . 25 Jun 2017
Dayanita Singh’s ‘Museum Of Chance’ was acquired by MoMA last week. Photo: Axel Schneider

The Death Of The Photographer

3 min read . 27 May 2017
A Mona Lisa remake by A.P. Shreethar. Photo Courtesy AP Shreethar

Mona Lisa on his mind

11 min read . 06 May 2017
The Marina Bay Sands resort and Art Science Museum, Singapore. Photo: Matthew Lee/Reuters

Tickets to science travel

5 min read . 14 Apr 2017
Vaibhav Chauhan launched the Museums in Delhi app in 2014. Photo: Ramesh Pathania/Mint

A culture finder on your phone

4 min read . 22 Mar 2017
Ahsan Manzil, Dhaka. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Lounge Loves: 10 must-visit museums

2 min read . 13 Oct 2016
A section of the Virasat-e-Khalsa museum. Photos: Shailen Parkar<br />

A new life for museums

7 min read . 16 Sep 2016
The fossilised skeleton of the dolphin-like animal, named Storr Lochs Monster, was found on the Isle of Skye in 1966 and is the most complete skeleton of a sea-living reptile from the Age of Dinosaurs that has ever been found in Scotland. Photo: AFP/ University of Edinburgh/Todd Marshall<br />

Mysterious Jurassic sea monster found

1 min read . 08 Sep 2016
Taylor’s unique, permanent installation—comprising over 400 sculptures—is constructed 14m beneath the surface and is accessible to snorkellers and divers. <br />

Reimagining the sea

1 min read . 15 Mar 2016
<br /><br />

How well do you know your museums?

1 min read . 11 Mar 2016
The IDNYC card is a humane and welcome service for New Yorkers. Photo: Brendan McDermid/Reuters<br />

Citizens of New York, take your seats

4 min read . 17 Oct 2015
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