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Very few offices have systems that accommodate single names as the corporate world is designed largely for the needs of the majority. iStockphoto

When one name has myriad challenges

5 min read . 22 May 2019
Photo: iStock
Lodhi Gardens, which was known as Lady Willingdon Park, was built in 1936 after clearing out a village called Khairpur. Photo: Pradeep Gaur/Mint

When the moon shone on Chandni Chowk

7 min read . 09 Sep 2018
Photo: Pradeep Gaur/Mint

What’s in a name? Ask banks.

9 min read . 23 Dec 2017
Every name tells a story that is a little different from the previous one.

Names and what they tell us

4 min read . 15 Nov 2017
Though the IPL team names—flashing in front of our faces for a decade—have made a mark, the other teams/sports haven’t yet managed to. Photo: HT<br />

Letter from... whatshisname

6 min read . 18 Jun 2017
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