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India needs a realistic model of education to raise employment

Dignity of labour needs advocacy to help our youth bridge gaps between aspirations and abilities

4 min read27 Dec 2021

Engineering colleges in 8 states to start studies in 5 languages, says PM Modi

Projects launched today include Academic Bank of Credits, translation of first-year engineering curriculum in 11 regional languages, National Digital Education Architecture and more

1 min read29 Jul 2021

Schools in Andhra Pradesh to reopen on August 16

According to a statement issued by the Chief Minister’s Office (CMO), the Chief Minister also announced that the second phase of the Naadu-Nedu programme would also be launched on August 16

1 min read23 Jul 2021

Committed to ensuring time-bound implementation of new education policy: Pradhan

Committed to ensuring time-bound implementation of new education policy: Dharmendra Pradhan

2 min read9 Jul 2021

PM terms NEP a policy of the people, not of a govt amid criticism

There is a healthy debate around the policy and it is crucial, said PM Narendra Modi in his address to governors’ conference on NEP

2 min read8 Sep 2020

NEP implementation may be done in phased manner from 2021-22

The official said work is on to implement the reforms smoothlySince the education sector is largely under the jurisdiction of states and the institution structures differ from state to state, the implementation will need to be gradual

1 min read14 Aug 2020

NEP: Assessment is the key to unlock better learning

NEP brings in a well-defined assessment architecture that can prove transformative

3 min read10 Aug 2020

Congress leader urges PM to enlist Bengali as a classical language in new NEP

Congress Lok Sabha leader Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury has urged the PM to consider the Bengali language in the list of classical languages in New Education Policy of IndiaHe, in a letter, has sought to know the qualifications for language to be included in the list and also to determine the languages

1 min read8 Aug 2020

Opposition to raise NEP issues at HRD panel meet

Some parties have questioned National Education Policy’s three-language policy

1 min read7 Aug 2020

Opinion | NEP: Perfection can be the enemy of the good

NEP 2020 leans towards learning and away from the present bias towards rote

3 min read3 Aug 2020
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