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These banks offer higher FD interest rate above 7 percent. Details here

HDFC Bank offers interest rate on its fixed deposits in the range of 3 percent to 7.25 percent per annum. The highest interest rate of 7.25 percent is offered on term deposits that are of tenure between 18 months and 21 months.

2 min read22 Mar 2024

NSC vs 5-year FD: Which is a better tax saving investment option?

Choosing between NSC and tax-saving FDs can be tricky as both have advantages and limitations. NSC interest is reinvested and qualifies for tax deduction under Section 80C, while FD interest is taxed as per income slab.

2 min read17 Mar 2024

Income tax saving options: NSC vs ELSS mutual funds. Which is better for taxpayers?

ELSS vs NSC: The suitability of an investment product depends on factors like risk tolerance, time horizon, and future fund needs

2 min read2 Mar 2024

Post office savings scheme: How to open a National Savings Certificate account? A step-by-step guide

It is a post office saving scheme that offers an interest rates of 7.7 percent compounded annually.

1 min read18 Apr 2023

Your Questions Answered: I am in my mid-thirties with a government job, should I invest in NSC?

Here we aim to address some of your most pressing personal finance queries. Read further to make the optimal use of your money!

5 min read27 Oct 2022

What are National Savings Certificates? All you need to know

The National Savings Certificate is a government-sponsored savings bond programme that encourages small investors to invest. Read further to know more about it

2 min read23 Mar 2022

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