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To capture all rioting-related offences across India, the NCRB compiles data broadly categorized as offences against public tranquillity

The geography of riots in India

3 min read . 04 Mar 2020
Farmer suicides may not have risen in recent years and may have more complex causes than falling income, suggests new data (Photo: Bloomberg)

The geography of farmer suicides

3 min read . 16 Jan 2020
Police and courts take time to process all crimes against women, not just rape cases.

Justice system lets women down

3 min read . 11 Dec 2019
No sector has demonstrated the damage from economic offences more than India’s banks. (Photo: Bloomberg)

Frauds rise as the economy slows

3 min read . 10 Dec 2019
At the state-level there are bigger differences although the best and worst states in terms of rioting remain unchanged. (Photo: HT)

Have riots in India increased?

3 min read . 06 Nov 2019
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