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Train your brain.

Remembering for a living

6 min read . 01 Dec 2017
Route 40 in Argentina. Photo: Mauktik Kulkarni

An irrational neuroscientist

19 min read . 11 Nov 2017
In India, basic brain science research is conducted in only a few places though clinical research takes place in more locations. Photo: iStock

The rising wave of brain research

4 min read . 26 Jun 2017
Non-conscious designs have been developed to induce drivers to drive safely on the road, to make people more honest while filling up tax forms, to increase on-time payments, to reduce mis-selling by insurance sales personnel, and more. Photo: HT

Designing for the non-conscious

4 min read . 10 Nov 2016
One of the main reasons why tens of trespassers die everyday crossing railway tracks is a processing deficiency in the human brain. Photo: Ramesh Pathania/Mint

Deciphering the non-conscious

4 min read . 27 Oct 2016
We are all aware of the dangers of trespassing on railway tracks. But many a time, this awareness does not translate into an appropriate action. Our brains are able to judge the speed of a car while crossing a road. Photo: AFP<br />

Going beyond awareness building

4 min read . 29 Sep 2016
Photo: iStock<br />

New frontiers of human behaviour

4 min read . 15 Sep 2016
<br /><br />

A victory of metaphor over simile

3 min read . 03 Sep 2016
Photo: iStockphoto<br />

The benefits of babble

4 min read . 18 Feb 2016
Muse is a brain-sensing headband.<br />

Reading Minds

3 min read . 28 Jul 2015
When we see an ad, two kinds of memories in our brain get activated: Episodic and semantic. <br />

Unravelling buying habits

4 min read . 16 Jul 2015
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