With its US subsidiary Novelis Inc. on the growth path, analysts were hoping a steady performance at the stand-alone level will place Hindalco in a sweet spot.

High costs weigh on Hindalco in Q4

2 min read . 17 May 2018
Appupen uses pen, brush and ink to give his panels a woodcut effect. Through the panels, he creates a detailed black and white world where forces of mechanization and consumerism are destroying the natural world and life itself. These panels represent three aspects of the imagined realm of Halahala, depicting one of the protagonists (Left); Godlings in the White City (centre); and a creature of the Silent Green.

Appupen: Dark night of the soul

4 min read . 07 Apr 2018
Fiction need not be factual, but it should never be fake.

What makes a novel lie

5 min read . 10 Jun 2017
Roy’s new book will be released at the Union Chapel in London. Courtesy Daniela Sbrisny

Arundhati Roy’s hectic book tour

5 min read . 26 May 2017
Arundhati Roy. Photo: Priyanka Parashar/Mint

Around the world, in 30 countries

14 min read . 26 May 2017