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In June 2016, India had gained membership of the Missile Technology Control Regime, or MTCR; it joined the WA in December and the Australia Group last month. Photo: AFP<br />

India and the Wassenaar Arrangement

8 min read . 05 Feb 2018
There are a total of about 1.8 million police personnel employed by Indian state police organizations today—and there are also 300,000 vacancies. Photo: HT

Rethinking police reform

4 min read . 18 Sep 2017
Around 75 ‘VIPs’ are guarded by the CRPF, around 70 by the CISF, around 15 by the Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP), around 12 by the NSG, and around 200 by the Delhi Police. Photo: Mint

Govt to review security of VIPs

1 min read . 12 Sep 2017
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