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Will the gains of tax reform outweigh the plan’s administrative complexity?

As the world prepares to usher in 2022, the fiscal legacy of covid will not be erased easily

4 min read20 Dec 2021

Indian Economy may shrink by 7%: OECD

The world economy is likely to contract by 6% or 7.6% in 2020, depending on whether it experiences a single-hit or a double-hit scenario, respectively, the OECD said in its latest Economic Outlook

1 min read10 Jun 2020

OECD lowers India's FY21 GDP growth to 5.1% on coronavirus concerns

India is a member of G20, a grouping of developed and developing economiesIndia's real GDP growth is expected at 5.1% during the fiscal year starting 1 April, 2020

1 min read3 Mar 2020

India’s growth could be the next casualty of the coronavirus outbreak

OECD slashed India’s growth forecast for 2020-21 by 110 basis points to 5.1% due to the impact of the virus'An upturn will require a positive impact from reforms and monetary policy support in India,' said OECD in its interim economic assessment

2 min read3 Mar 2020

India set to make modest recovery on reforms: OECD

India’s economy grew at 4.5% in July-September, the weakest pace in more than 6 yearsOECD, however, called India a growth champion and a major player in the global economy

1 min read5 Dec 2019

China’s schoolchildren are now world’s smartest

On average, 12% of the variation in student reading performance within each country was associated with socioeconomic statusIn reading, the 10% most disadvantaged Chinese students tested had better skills than the OECD average

1 min read3 Dec 2019

28 developing nations back India on OECD tax proposal

Grouping believes new global rules to tax tech giants give undue taxation rights to USPlan aims to prevent MNCs artificially showing profits in low-tax countries instead of where deal happens

2 min read12 Nov 2019

Opinion | OECD tax proposals may strike at the heart of global inequality

Minimizing the scope of tax arbitrage by firms would help correct a capital-labour imbalance

4 min read11 Nov 2019

A consensus-based effort to tax the digital economy

OECD to develop a consensus-based solution to align international tax laws to the fast-changing business models through revised profit allocation and revised nexus rulesThe new nexus rule proposes to define a sales revenue threshold in a market as the primary indicator of a sustained and significant economic involvement of an enterprise in that jurisdiction

6 min read8 Nov 2019

OECD proposal on taxing MNEs to benefit countries like India, say experts

The OECD Secretariat has published a public consultation paper to advance international negotiationsThe proposal is aimed at re-allocating some profits and corresponding taxing rights to countries and jurisdictions where MNEs have their markets

3 min read13 Oct 2019
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