A still from ‘Isle Of Dogs’.

Wag the dogs

2 min read . 06 Jul 2018
Vasu Gandhi (left) and Sneha Daftary with SOVA products. Photo: Aniruddha Chowdhury/Mint

The many rituals of hair

2 min read . 09 Mar 2018
Zucchini in tahini sauce. Photo: Samar Halarnkar

A culinary memoir of horror and hope

5 min read . 16 Feb 2018
Roast whole cauliflower with spiced roast potatoes. Photo: Pamela Timms

A Veganuary January

4 min read . 12 Jan 2018
More than six million Americans currently live with Alzheimer’s disease, and by 2060, that will rise to 15 million. Photo: iStockphoto
Stephen Colbert’s skewering of Donald Trump sent ratings soaring for his show. Photo: Reuters