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GTA 6 leaks: Release date, storyline, price, characters and everything to expect

GTA 6 to feature groundbreaking two main characters, including first female protagonist Lucia. Speculation on pricing above USD 59.99. Fans eagerly await the release of the highly anticipated game.

1 min read26 May 2024

GTA 6 release highlights console upgrade challenge for PlayStation gamers: Report

A recent report reveals that many PlayStation users may not have the hardware to run GTA 6, requiring an upgrade to PS5 or PS5 Pro. Despite 59 million PS5 sales, 50% of 118 million active users still use PS4, which is not compatible with the upcoming game.

1 min read22 May 2024

GTA 6 leaks: Dual protagonists, Vice City return, concept maps and all we know so far

The highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto 6 (GTA 6) sparks excitement with leaked details, including dual playable protagonists Lucia and Jason, a return to Vice City, and diverse landscapes. Anticipation surrounds its 2025 release on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

1 min read9 Apr 2024

WinZO Games posts ₹120-crore operating profit in FY23 after similar loss in FY22

The social-gaming startup’s revenue surged 182% in FY23, capping an impressive turnaround amid tough times for India’s gaming industry.

2 min read3 Apr 2024

GTA 5 modding community eyes expansion to Nintendo Switch, Linux, and Android: What to expect

The leak of GTA 5’s source code has led to modders aiming to make the game playable on Nintendo Switch, Linux, and Android. Excitement and doubt arise as fans await updates on the potential release, showcasing the modding community’s determination to innovate in gaming.

1 min read30 Mar 2024

GTA 6 Trailer 2 alleged leak sparks excitement amidst doubts: Reddit user claims detailed breakdown

A purported leak of the GTA 6 trailer 2 has sparked excitement in the gaming community but faces skepticism over its authenticity, with doubts raised by Sportskeeda. The leak offers details on music and character dynamics, including a potential basketball mini-game, yet lacks official confirmation.

1 min read25 Mar 2024

GTA 6 development faces significant setback, potential release delay looms: Report

GTA 6 faces potential delays as development falls behind schedule. Concerns over meeting the 2025 release target persist, with speculation of a fall 2025 launch. PC port availability may also be affected.

1 min read23 Mar 2024

GTA 6 leak: Redditor’s concept map sparks speculation about return to Vice City and extended landscape

Excitement grows as leaks and rumors about GTA VI flood online platforms, hinting at a possible release in early 2025. Speculative maps suggest a return to Vice City, showcasing familiar locations and new additions like ’Lake Leonida’ and Port Gellhorn Raceway.

1 min read20 Mar 2024

Legacy Killa HD’s insights spark speculation: GTA 6 storyline length estimated at 35-40 hours

Fans eagerly await GTA 6’s release following the impressive first trailer showcasing a Florida setting. Insights from Legacy Killa HD hint at a 35-40 hour storyline, generating discussions on the game’s potential longevity. Rockstar Games gears up for the highly anticipated 2025 launch.

1 min read14 Mar 2024

Rockstar Games teases GTA 6 with Lucia, fans await second trailer amid rumors of dual protagonists

Rockstar Games officially introduces GTA 6 with a banner featuring Lucia and her partner, sparking excitement among fans. The debut trailer artwork on the banner leads to intense speculation about potential narrative developments in Leonida.

1 min read9 Mar 2024
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