‘Eyebrowed Rollulus’ by Edward Lear.<br />

The quest for the Himalayan Quail

10 min read . 31 May 2015
The Atlantic Puffin is a charming little bird with an orange beak and webbed feet, giving it an almost clown-like gait as it dashes in and out of its burrow. Photo: Vijay Bedi<br />
The Shola ecosystem on the Western Ghats sky islands is home to the shortwing. Photo: Ramki Sreenivasan/Conservation India<br />

The shortwings on sky islands

9 min read . 10 Oct 2014
Dadri Wetlands, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh. Photo: Ananda Arya<br />

Jungle life for city rats

13 min read . 12 Oct 2012
Atul Jain. Photo courtesy: Atul Jain<br />

Atul Jain’s life of birds

5 min read . 12 Oct 2012
<br />Birds in Books: Permanent Black, 845 pages, Rs795.<br />

Bringing birds to book

4 min read . 19 Mar 2011
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