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New York City pension leader opposes election of Aramco’s chief as BlackRock director

BLACKROCK-INVESTORS/NEWYORK (PIX):New York City pension leader opposes election of Aramco’s chief as BlackRock director

2 min read1 May 2024

Pension funds are pulling $325 billion from stocks

Some turn to bonds or private markets after major indexes’ run to records.

5 min read18 Apr 2024

Australian Mega Funds Seen Controlling $9 Trillion of Pensions

A group of massive pension funds will dominate Australia’s retirement system in the coming decades as increasing mergers and rivalry leave just a handful of powerhouse investors.

1 min read14 Mar 2024

How EPFO subscribers can update bank account details in their EPF account?

EPFO allows subscribers to withdraw funds from their EPF Account, stressing the importance of updating accurate bank account details to avoid failed credit transactions

1 min read2 Mar 2024

NPS scheme: Why National Pension System does not invest in mid-cap and small-cap companies

National Pension System: Currently, there are ten pension fund managers in the country, comprising seven private companies and three government-owned entities

1 min read28 Feb 2024

Pension: Female government employees can now nominate children; here’s how to apply for it?

Earlier the female central government employees could nominate only their husband, but now a women can nominate her children too. She must make a written request, stating that family pension should be granted to her eligible child in precedence to her spouse, in the event of her death.

1 min read30 Jan 2024

PFRDA asks banks to increase enrolments of private subscribers under NPS: Report

PFRDA chairperson said the decline seen in e-NPS was responsible for the slow pace of enrolments this year, as per the report.

1 min read22 Jan 2024

NPS: Up to 25% of corpus allowed for partial withdrawal; here’s when you are permitted to withdraw

Subscribers are permitted to go for a maximum of three partial withdrawals for a total of one—fourth of the total contribution. Additionally, a subscriber must have been an NPS member for a minimum of three years.

1 min read17 Jan 2024

NPS: 10 pension fund managers offered up to 28% return on equity in past one year

The one-year equity returns on NPS tier-I account delivered by different pension fund managers range between 24 to 28 percent per annum. The highest returns on equity investment were given by ICICI Prudential Pension

2 min read10 Jan 2024

NPS: PFRDA seeks tax exemption on employers’ contributions in line with provident fund

Currently the employer’s contribution towards NPS is exempt up to 10 percent of salary whereas in case of provident fund, it is 12 percent.

1 min read7 Jan 2024
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