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Can I avail cashless facility from two TPAs at the same time?

To simplify the process, it is recommended to process a cashless claim with the first insurer and claim reimbursement from the second insurer for the residual amount.

1 min read1 Jun 2023

Annuity in NPS: How to choose the right annuity for a regular income?

Annuity means fixed sum of money paid to a subscriber at a set frequency for the rest of their life.

4 min read11 Apr 2023

How should you manage your NPS Tier 1 account under the new tax regime?

The Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority manages the National Pension System (NPS), a government-backed pension programme.

9 min read6 Apr 2023

Income tax guide on pension: How to file pension income in ITR?

Pension income is considered Salary Income and is taxed at the taxpayer’s appropriate slab rates.

6 min read26 Mar 2023

NPS subscribers need to link PAN with their Aadhaar by March 31, if not, face restrictions on transactions

As per the latest guidelines from provident funds and pension regulator, PFRDA, NPS subscribers must ensure that their PAN is linked with Aadhaar or they will face certain restrictions in their transactions from April 1st, 2023.

2 min read26 Mar 2023

Top tax-saving investments option to consider before 31 March

As the financial year is near to its end, it is high-time for tax payers to recheck their investments and opt for the unutilised ones to ensure optimum tax savings. Here are the top tax-saving investment options people can consider before 31 March

5 min read26 Mar 2023

Self employed vs salaried: What are the tax benefits under NPS? Explained

The NPS also provides subscribers with tax incentives under the Income Tax Act of 1961. Contributions made towards the scheme are deductible under Section 80C of the Act, up to a maximum of Rs. 1.5 lakh per year.

7 min read25 Mar 2023

How to generate a monthly pension of Rs.1 lakh from NPS?

The Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority (PFRDA), which is governed by the Ministry of Finance of the Government of India, oversees the National Pension System (NPS), a voluntary specified contribution pension scheme in India.

12 min read14 Mar 2023

NPS calculator: How to get ₹2.94 lakh monthly pension by ₹12500/month NPS contribution — explained

Pension calculator: NPS account may yield 10 per cent NPS interest rate in long term if equity debt exposure is kept in 60:40 ratio, say experts

3 min read14 Mar 2023

PFRDA makes mandatory upload of withdrawal/ KYC documents to exit from NPS

The Pension Fund Regulatory & Development Authority (PFRDA) has made the mandatory upload of withdrawal/ KYC documents to enable seamless processing of exit and annuity for the benefit of National Pension System (NPS) subscribers.

2 min read23 Feb 2023
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