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Cross platform browsing is already available through a number of apps and requires users to configure them on both platforms
Global sales of personal computers in the first quarter if 2017 suffered a decline of 2.4% from the year-ago period. Photo: AFP

Tech statistics for enterprises

1 min read . 04 May 2017
Sales of computers priced $1,000 and more will inch up 1.5% this year, research firm IDC estimates. Photo: Bloomberg

Don’t write off the PC just yet

1 min read . 25 Nov 2016
With a market share of 28.4%, HP Inc. was the top seller of PCs in the Indian market in the June quarter. Photo: Bloomberg<br />

India PC shipments fall 2.2% in Q2

1 min read . 24 Aug 2016
Photo: Bloomberg<br />

The PC is dead, long live the PC

1 min read . 11 May 2016
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