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Income Tax Return filing: Salaried individuals need to be aware of these 5 key points

Taxpayer should define the nature of employment at the time of filing of income tax return while filing of return i.e., whether s/he is central government employee, state government employee, employee of public sector enterprises, pensioners, employee of private sector.

2 min read4 Jun 2024

How would I be taxed for selling cryptocurrency to a resident Indian?

India’s exchange control law is not clear on whether a resident can buy cryptocurrency from a non-resident person on a P2P basis and thereafter credit the sale proceeds to the NRO account of the non-resident

2 min read3 Jun 2024

How to choose your wealth manager

In the never-ending journey of wealth management, selecting a good wealth manager remains the first step.

4 min read3 Jun 2024

Effective steps to repay your personal loan

It is imperative that you ensure that your monthly income leads to some financial savings that help in liquidity management and avoid paying hefty interest expenses

2 min read3 Jun 2024

How this Delhi-based CA is preparing for his FIRE journey

Manoj Maheshwari wants to focus on low-cost funds, increase his equity exposure to 70%For Maheshwari, achieving financial independence and retiring early (FIRE) doesn’t equate to quitting work altogether; instead, it means having the freedom to pursue one’s passions

5 min read3 Jun 2024

Is due diligence by banks sufficient when buying property?

Although banks do their checks, taking extra precautions is advisable as the amount involved in real estate transactions can be huge

5 min read29 May 2024

Magic of compounding: A monthly SIP of 10K in this mutual fund since inception would have grown to ₹1.76 crore

HSBC Midcap fund was launched on Aug 9, 2004 and has an AUM of ₹10,739 crore. Its benchmark index is NIFTY Midcap 150 TRI

2 min read28 May 2024

How to ensure phased payouts to your nominee in the case of death

To ensure that the money from your MF investments, bank accounts and term insurance is paid out in phases, similar to a systematic withdrawal plan for MFs, specific legal arrangements need to be made

2 min read28 May 2024

Do I need to report inward remittances?

Any inward remittance to the NRE account would not be subject to taxation in India.

2 min read27 May 2024

Options for correction of mistakes in past income tax returns

The problem really is that most taxpayers discover the mistakes in their tax returns only when they are filing their tax returns for the subsequent year. By then, it is too late to file a revised tax return.

4 min read27 May 2024
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