Pick of the week

Manu Parekh’s ‘Banaras The City Of Symbols’.

An artist’s impression of Varanasi

2 min read . 08 Mar 2018
Preethi Athreya’s piece explores the potentiality of space and its interrelationship with the body.

Finding meaning in lost wax

2 min read . 23 Feb 2018
Scenes from ‘Shikhandi: The Story Of The In-Betweens’. Photo: Narendra Dangiya

Theatre Olympics comes to India

1 min read . 15 Feb 2018
Balan Nambiar. Photo: Pradeep KS

Balan Nambiar: Carving a new niche

2 min read . 08 Feb 2018
A file photo from the World Dance Day, 2017.  Photo: Narendra Dangiya

A dancer’s calendar

1 min read . 25 Jan 2018
Dancers from the Paris Opera Ballet.

An ode to Paris through ballet

1 min read . 11 Jan 2018
Cafe Felix’s bourbon chocolate.

Bid adieu to the year with good food

2 min read . 28 Dec 2017
The Winter Mela by Dastkar will focus on textiles from various regions.

Winter fairs for your weekends

1 min read . 14 Dec 2017
The set lunch at The Fatty Bao.

A food wonderland

2 min read . 07 Dec 2017
A scene from ‘Hanuman Ki Ramayan’. Photo: Gillo Repertory Theatre

Bengaluru: Theatre on wheels

2 min read . 02 Nov 2017
A graffiti artist at an earlier edition of Comic Con India. (A graffiti artist at an earlier edition of Comic Con India.)

Hyderabad: The Comic Con is here

1 min read . 12 Oct 2017
British a cappella band The Magnets will be starting their first India tour with a concert  at Siri Fort Auditorium on 16 September.

Music from around the world

1 min read . 14 Sep 2017
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