The migration issue has divided Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union and its coalition partner. Photo: Bloomberg

Europe’s cracks

1 min read . 19 Jun 2018
The Olza river, with Cieszyn, Poland, on one bank and Ceský Tešín, Czech Republic, on the other. Photo: Darwinek

Cieszyn: One town, two countries

6 min read . 27 May 2017
Inside the Wieliczka Salt Mine. Photo Courtesy Wieliczka Salt Mine Archives
Andrzej Staszel-Furtek outside his hut, where the ‘oscypek’ is smoked. Photo: Prachi Joshi

Polish off the plate

7 min read . 12 Nov 2016
The larger picture, beyond one of misplaced notions of self-preservation and promotion, is this: just as Indian immigration has immeasurably enriched life in the UK, so, too, has Polish migration. Photo: Reuters

Poles overtake Indians in the UK

4 min read . 23 Sep 2016