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Oral polio vaccine made by govt-owned firm fails quality tests

The Central Drugs Laboratory has declared 16 batches manufactured by Bibcol as ‘substandard’Approximately 90 million doses of polio vaccine are required for the sub-national programme in June

2 min read17 May 2019

Court asks govt to retest samples of Ghaziabad-based firm’s polio vaccine

The type-2 strain is thought to have been eradicated so long ago that the current polio vaccine no longer protects against it

3 min read14 Jan 2019

Indonesia’s PT Bio Farma gets cleanchit in polio vaccine contamination case

The focus now shifts to India’s Bio-Med for supplying polio vaccines contaminated with type 2 virus

3 min read26 Nov 2018

Polio vaccine contamination: Govt may oppose Bio-Med MD’s bail

The Bio-Med MD was arrested after traces of polio strain 2 virus were found in polio vaccines produced at the company in September, but he received bail 14 days later

2 min read5 Nov 2018

Polio vaccine contamination: India to send team to Indonesia on 22 October

A four-member expert team will leave for Indonesia on 22 October to check on PT Bio Farma, seeking to solve the mystery behind the contamination of some batches of a polio vaccine

1 min read16 Oct 2018

Fears of mystery polio strain now haunt India

Contamination of some batches of a polio vaccine threatens to bring back a vaccine strain of polio believed to have destroyed years ago

8 min read16 Oct 2018

Test all polio vaccines for type 2 strain: DCGI

A three-member team constituted by the DCGI has started investigation into the issue

3 min read4 Oct 2018

Drug regulator forms team to probe polio vaccine lapse case

The three-member team will start its investigation on Wednesday to identify the possible cause of contamination

3 min read1 Oct 2018

Govt targets mobile and migratory population to prevent re-emergence of polio virus

Government has already started the process of identifying children living with mobile and migratory families to prevent the spread of the polio virus

2 min read10 Jul 2018

Plant based polio vaccine developed: scientists

Scientists have developed a new polio vaccine using plants, a breakthrough which can pave the way for global eradication of the age-old viral disease

1 min read16 Aug 2017
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