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Photo: Indranil Bhoumik/Mint

Opinion | Poverty alert

1 min read . 08 Apr 2020
Hunger games in jobless Bharat. Photos: Sayantan Bera/Mint

New hunger games in jobless Bharat

9 min read . 18 Dec 2019
30 million people fell below India’s official poverty line and joined the ranks of the poor over the past six years (Photo: Mint)

India's rural poverty has shot up

5 min read . 03 Dec 2019
A file photograph of a slum in Bengaluru’s Devarajeevanahalli, one of the poorest localities in Bengaluru; and author Mathangi Subramanian.

Finding ‘heaven’ in Bengaluru

5 min read . 04 Oct 2019
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