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Did 250 million Indians exit poverty? Explaining the math behind the data

Last week, Niti Aayog said that more than 250 million people are out of multidimensional poverty. But what lies below the numbers?

3 min read17 Jan 2024

135Million Indians came out of poverty trap in five years | Mint Primer | Mint

Discover the remarkable progress India has made in reducing multidimensional poverty, with 135 million people lifted out of deprivation. This Niti Aayog report highlights the factors driving this positive change, including improved access to education, healthcare, and living standards. Explore the challenges that remain and the nation’s commitment to achieving sustainable development goals. Join us for a comprehensive analysis of India’s poverty reduction journey!

4 Aug 2023

What they don’t tell you about India’s poverty numbers | Mint Explains | Mint

In this video, we explore the issue of poverty in India and the challenges faced in accurately measuring it. The video highlights the leaked data from a 2017-18 consumer expenditure survey, which suggests a potential rise in national poverty rates. However, the government’s response to this data has been controversial, raising questions about the accuracy and transparency of India’s poverty measurements. The video delves into the complexities of measuring poverty in a developing economy like India and the political sensitivity around poverty numbers. We discuss the official poverty lines based on consumer expenditure surveys conducted by the National Sample Survey and the growing divergence between survey estimates and national accounts. The video also highlights the trade-offs between comparability and accuracy in survey design and the importance of transparency in India’s statistical establishment. Overall, the video underscores the need for reliable poverty data to formulate policies that ensure economic gains are shared widely in India.

20 Jul 2023

Poor no longer? Dimensions of poverty in India

Around 135 million Indians exited ‘multidimensional poverty’, a measure of deprivation beyond money, between 2015-16 and 2019-21, the Niti Aayog says. The basis of calculation is the National Family Health Survey (NFHS). Mint explains:

2 min read18 Jul 2023

Poverty in India is yet again being overstated

To say that poverty in India has remained at the same level as a decade ago has no basis

10 min read5 Jun 2023

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