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Govt health centres ill-equipped to treat infertility, finds survey

ICMR survey revealed that semen examination services were not available at 94% of primary health centres and 79% of community health centres

2 min read7 Mar 2018

Can solar power solve India’s rural healthcare problems?

Solar-powered healthcare centres can significantly improve in-patient services, shows study on role of electricity access on health outcomes in rural Chhattisgarh

3 min read1 Sep 2017

Delivering a better picture of health for India

BJP government’s budget should commit to building a healthcare system that meets the country’s needs

5 min read24 Feb 2015

Doctors reject sixth pay commission

Doctors reject sixth pay commission

1 min read12 Jun 2009

The case for a well-paid village doctor

The case for a well-paid village doctor

5 min read15 May 2009

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Axis Bank shares fell by -0.97% at closing today.

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