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Islamic law itself was, and still is, constantly trying to keep up with changing politics, lifestyles and technologies. Photo: AP

A matter of opinion

4 min read . 17 Mar 2017
The columnist’s late mother-in-law as a young girl. Photo: Courtesy Natasha Badhwar<br />

The presence of those now absent

4 min read . 29 Jun 2016
Niaz (in yellow), one of BMMA’s founders, with other members at their office in Mumbai. BMMA is one of the increasingly vocal Muslim women’s rights groups that have come up in recent years. Photo: Abhijit Bhatlekar/Mint<br />

A voice for Muslim women

5 min read . 28 Jul 2014
<br />Ray of hope: Alemmunisa (foreground) is one of the women entrepreneurs who launched a vegetable business with help from Jan Sewa. Abhijit Bhatlekar / Mint<br />
US pastor cancels Koran-burning plan

US pastor cancels Koran-burning plan

3 min read . 10 Sep 2010
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