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The office-market meltdown comes for Trump’s prized Wall Street building

Donald Trump’s downtown Manhattan office tower has lost tenants and has a big mortgage bill coming due next year.

6 min read7 May 2024

Uday Kotak in awe after New York commercial property price cut puts rate at half of Mumbai’s BKC

Uday Kotak was responding to a social media user who posted that a New York commercial office building was sold at ₹16000 per sq ft — less than half of the going rate at Mumbai’s BKC.

2 min read18 Mar 2024

From DLF to Lodha and Godrej, builders are testing new cities

Most developers are buying land, taking over projects of distressed developers or partnering with smaller local developers to venture into newer locations

2 min read17 May 2024

Mint Primer: Why rents will spiral again this year

After sky-high hikes in 2023, 2024 might see a similar trend in rents for metro cities

2 min read8 Feb 2024

Why London’s Wealthy Are Renting Instead of Buying

Many well-heeled buyers now favor renting over purchasing property, as home prices and sales continue to stall across the city.

6 min read6 Feb 2024

Redefining strategies for India’s affordable housing challenges

It is imperative for the government to consider new indicators that accurately reflect on-the-ground housing affordability, taking into account regional price differences

1 min read3 Feb 2024

Global Span of Banks’ Commercial Real Estate Problem Starts Locally

International banks often have greater exposure to U.S. downtowns and big cities.

4 min read2 Feb 2024

FM gives a boost to homebuyers on a budget

The government will launch a housing scheme for people living in rented accommodation, slums or unauthorized colonies. The announcement is in line with the government’s ‘Housing for All’ mission

2 min read1 Feb 2024

Will Nuvama’s PRIME plan to flip office buildings work?

The alternate investment fund will buy and sell office buildings to generate capital gains

5 min read31 Jan 2024

The Real-Estate Downturn Comes for America’s Premier Office Towers

Rents at the highest-end buildings have fallen, and the rate of leasing is slowing.

4 min read30 Jan 2024
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