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Reddit Hackers Demand $4.5 Mn Ransom, Change In API Pricing | Details | In Focus

Hackers demanding money to return your data is common. But hackers demanding policy changes from a corporation is unheard of. A ransomware group called BlackCat which claimed responsibility for hacking Reddit’s systems earlier this year did just that. The hacker group is now demanding what Reddit moderators and users who have been up in arms over. A change to Reddit’s recently announced API pricing policy.

21 Jun 2023

6 Steps To Financially Prepare For Recession | Mint Primer

India's unemployment rate decreased to 6.43% in September 2022, the lowest level since August 2018, and after reaching a one-year high of 8.3% in August 2022, according to the most recent data provided by the think tank Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE)

19 Dec 2022

Short sellers face end of an era as rookies rule Wall Street

The latest assault on Wall Street short sellers has a long tradition, dating back to, well, at least Napoleon. 'Treasonous,' he called them for betting against government securities.

6 min read30 Jan 2021

'Give them no respect': Elon Musk as Reddit users 'punish' Wall Street

Tesla chief Elon Musk seemingly urged individual investors to punish hedge funds for short selling, tweeting 'Get Shorty'

1 min read29 Jan 2021

Bets worth billions at risk as amateurs challenge bearish positions of influential funds

Shares of GameStop and other companies tumbled in extended trading after Wallstreetbets, a discussion forum popular with retail traders on the Reddit website, briefly turned invitation-only

4 min read28 Jan 2021

Big investors take to Reddit, Twitter to know what amateur traders are doing

Big investors are canvassing Reddit threads like r/wallstreetbets and picks at retail brokerages, plugging data into programs and trying to gain an edgeLured by zero fees and probably boredom while stuck at home during the pandemic, retail investors have flocked to stocks

3 min read15 Sep 2020

Reddit co-founder quits board, asks to be replaced by black candidate

Ohanian’s resignation also comes less than a week after former Reddit CEO, Ellen Pao, called out the current CEO, Steve Huffman, for not shutting down a subreddit promoting US President Donald Trump through the platform

2 min read6 Jun 2020

Two years on, content startup Manch plans to shut operations

The startup was positioning itself on the lines of Reddit, which operates a similar portal and is valued at $3 bnManch hasn’t spent too much of the capital it raised so it will return a lot of it back to the investors

2 min read5 Feb 2020

Will Reddit become next Facebook for millennials in India?

Reddit was ranked as the fifth most visited website in the US and 13th in the worldEarlier this year, Reddit's valuation rose to $3 billion, up from $1.8 billion in 2017

2 min read28 Jul 2019

Reddit valued at $3 billion after raising $300 million in latest funding round

The series D funding round saw a $150 mn investment from Tencent and the firm's former investors, including Sequoia, Fidelity, Tacit and Snoop DoggReddit has over 20 investors, including Advance Publications, which owns Conde Nast, Reddit's one-time parent company

1 min read12 Feb 2019
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